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Goren Capital Group Ltd. ("GCG") is a leading independent investment banking firm active in Israel and globally. The firm has vast experience in the fields of Corporate Finance, comprised mainly of M&A, privatization and capital markets advisory and Project Financing, acting as arranger and coordinator in leading projects. 

Due to its vast experience, GCG has achieved profound acquaintance with key players in the Israeli and in the international capital markets. GCG has advised companies and Boards of Directors of top tier companies on matters of financial policy, capital structure, financing alternatives (including local and global debt issuance) and credit rating. GCG has vast experience working with local credit agencies (S&P Maalot and Midroog) and international credit agencies (Fitch, Moody's and S&P).

Relying on its experience and unique market position, GCG offers international and local clients a full range of added value financial services in both local and global financial markets. GCG is dedicated to long term relationships with its clients while maintaining a professional and committed business environment.

Our goal is to continue expanding our business by fostering long-term, hands-on, senior-level relationships with existing and new clients as their independent advisors in Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Merger & Acquisitions and Financial Restructurings. 

GCG and its senior team have over 30 years of experience in different fields of finance, including Project Finance, Corporate Finance, global capital raisings, debt arrangement, M&A, privatization and structuring of financial vehicles.

GCG's key expertise is financing, in which GCG promotes dozens of transactions involving the full spectrum of corporations' capital structure. GCG continuously conducts financing alternatives analyses and debt restructuring alongside a comprehensive suite of advisory services. Our practice has been developed uniquely to bridge the separation between the promoters and lenders through our understanding and experience in the area. 

GCG is the only firm in Israel that analyzes local versus global financing alternatives for leading companies and Boards of Directors and is the only firm in Israel that successfully completed financing transactions with foreign financing funding sources as an alternative to local financing.

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